We will endeavor to propose various usages
for ultrasound in the future to contribute to society.


Corporate philosophy

Our company has researched and developed processing tools using ultrasound since its establishment.
We have delivered our products to manufacturing sites in various fields.
Ultrasound is an acoustic wave with high frequencies which cannot be heard by the human ear.
At present, ultrasound is known through various usages, such as examination machines for medical use, detectors, humidifiers, and washing machines.
Ultrasound’s safe and clean energy cannot be heard or seen, but it is strong.
The technology to process various materials using oscillating ultrasound waves is utilized in SONOTEC’s ultrasound processing tools.
Recently, ultrasonic cutters have become indispensable tools at manufacturing sites for familiar goods.
Our company’s products are easy-to-use, small-sized machines among ultrasonic processing tools.
Support, information disclosure, and maintenance services after the sale of our products are important to us.
We believe that growing along with our customers and the development of ultrasonic processing technology are our roles. We will endeavor to propose various usages for ultrasound in the future to contribute to society.


SONOTEC Co., ltd.
Address Shinsaku 5-4-1, Takatsu-ku, Kawasaki, Kanagawa Japan
(Postal Code : 213-0014)
Established July 20, 1982
Capital 10 million yen
Representative Chief Executive Officer Naohiko Sudo
Business content Research, design, and manufacture of ultrasonic equipment
Ultrasound equipment for industrial use is developed, manufactured, and sold.
(Domestic supply and export to the USA, the EU, and Southeast Asian countries)
Domestic Customers

AIRBUS / BOEING./ Aishin Seiki / Asahi Kasei / Otsuka Pharmaceutical / Kao / Kawasaki Heavy Industries / SUMITOMO 3M / Dai-Ichi Seiko / Sumitomo Riko / TOSHIBA / Tokai Rubber Industries / TOSHIBA / TOYOTA AUTO BODY / TOYOTA BOSHOKU / TOYOTA GOSEI / TOYOTA MOTOR / Panasonic / Bridgestone / Honda Engineering / Honda Motor / YASKAWA / Fuji Xerox / Fuji Heavy Industries / Teijin / Ube Industries

  Public institutions:
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) / Kobe University / National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS) /
Nihon University