sample movies

Sample movies of cutting various materials using SONOTEC’s ultrasonic cutters.

Sonotec Promotional Video

View our promotional video. The designing, manufacturing, adjustment, and inspection are all conducted in-house.
( 9' 23'' )


Cutting of carbon prepreg

Our tool cuts 12.41mm thick precured prepreg sheets vertically or at an angle. View the smooth cutting and the clean cut surface.
( 5' 00'' )


Cutting of carbon fiber

Our manual-type cutter is used to cut a carbon fiber sheet. Because every strand of fiber is reliably cut, there is no fraying of the fabric.
( 0' 31'' )


Cutting of polypropylene (PP)

Our tools cut polypropylene (PP), whose applications include bumpers of automobiles. PP is cut without any stress whitening or melting.
( 1' 44'' )


Halfway through cutting of polypropylene (PP)

Polypropylene is cut halfway through (incision).
( 1' 37'' )


Cutting of a carpet

Cutting of a carpet Our tool cuts a carpet.
It cuts the yarn and backing at the same time. You can cut out a carpet to a desired shape when you use the cutter accordingly.
( 0' 55'' )