Sonofile ロゴ is a professional standard
for metal mold polishing.
List of filing tools

The ultrasonic polishers apply ultrasonic vibration to tools—such as diamond files, abrasive stones, or ceramic abrasive stones—and realizes fast and effortless polishing work with beautiful finish. They constantly produce intense ultrasonic vibrations, regardless of the thrust force or type of the tool.
SF-0101 + HP7401 / HP-9701 仕様詳細 SF-5600 + SF-9700 / SF-3500 仕様詳細 SF-1000 + SF-1600 仕様詳細

Two types of hand-pieces can be used by a single oscillator equipped with
a variety of functions.
The product offers more versatile polishing and shorter work hours,
and opens up a new level of ultrasonic polishing.

2. From rough grinding to ultra-fine polishing—one set can do them all..

Two types of polishing modes (Hard/Soft) are alternately available on a single set.

The Hard mode keeps a constant vibration level against the thrust forces applied to the tool, thus leading to powerful polishing.

The Soft mode automatically reduces vibration depending on the thrust force applied to the tool, thus preventing excessive grinding. This mode is suitable for delicate work.
Manual mode
Displays information such as the machine status, frequency, and output.
Menu screen
Allows the user to carry out operations such as saving the output values in the mem ings of polishing mode and auto-off function. ory mode, as well as making the sett
Equipped with a new function “Nano mode,” which enables ultra-fine amplitude control, the SF-0101 has raised the level of ultrasonic polishing work to a more intricate finish that was only achieved by hand.

 Features of SONOFILE ®

 Examples of processing

The amplitude of ultrasonic vibration can be adjusted to 15 levels (displayed by 10 lighting levels). The unique amplitude control circuit accurately sustains the predetermined vibration level. The high-performance automatic frequency-tracking circuit automatically detects differences in shape, size, and length of tools, and starts an operation with an optimal frequency. Moreover, the circuit automatically tracks fluctuations caused by wear of a tool.
Stable control with sufficient power
The vibration state can be maintained at a certain level regardless of great, small, or no cutting resistance to tools. Ultrasonic filing equipment quickly responds to load fluctuations caused by fast push-and-pull actions of tools so that a stable vibration can be maintained. Operators do not feel any unpleasantness.
One button switch-over mode
Two modes of the “ORDINARY TOOL” mode for all-in-one tools, such as diamond files and the vice-gripping mode for ceramic abrasive stones, can be switched over by one button (SF-5600). The strength of each mode is freely adjustable.
Small but easy-to-use and powerful hand-piece
Handles any tools from 1 mm in diameter to 15 mm wide. Features an easy-to-hold size (28 mm diameter) and a well-balanced weight (130 g). This small size hand-piece was designed for excellent durability.
Compatible with narrow rib slot polishing
A tool required for polishing deep and narrow rib slots is prepared as a standard tool. Special tools can also be designed and manufactured.
Polishing a rib slot (electric-discharge machined surface)
This is a typical example of using ultrasonic filing. Contact the tool with a rib slot sufficiently, and slide it while pressing it softly (minimum slot width, 0.2 mm; depth, 70 mm).
Polishing a base surface
Although the hand cannot feel it, the tool vibrates ultrasonically. Even a difficult-to-operate surface can be polished by merely sliding the tool over the surface.

Mirror finish of a fine part

The tool’s favorite operation is lapping of fine parts. Even a toothpick can be an important tool using diamond paste and mild vibration. This tool can also be used for deburring and chamfering.


 List of all the SONOFILE ultrasonic filing products

 * For the composition and details of each set, please click the oscillator.
Oscillator Transducer Features
▼SF-0101 New!
From rough grinding to ultra-fine polishing —one set can do them all!
The product has enabled ultra-fine work in the Nano mode as well as powerful polishing through up to 100W output.

The details are available by clicking here
SF-5600 set click here
Manual-operation type
SF-3500(rotary electric hand-piece)
Manual-operation type

Switching over using the button switch lets you work efficiently while enjoying the merits of ultrasound and a rotary electric hand-piece.

The details are available by clicking here.

SF-1000 set click here
Manual-operation type
Easy-to-use, simple, and compact set. Tools can be easily attached and detached. Only M4 tools are applicable.

The details are available by clicking here.